Flow School


For safety reasons, you need to take lessons in flowboarding to ride the FlowBarrel at Mall Sport – Wave House. With the correct preparation and certification from the Wave House School, graduates may ride the FlowBarrel without requiring an instructor. (See schedule and description of free sessions).

It’s all up to you!


1.- Be more than 130 cms tall.
2.- A minimum of 2 persons per lesson or free session.
3.- A maximum of 10 persons per lesson or free session.

Class System

1. Theory (10 minutes out of the water):

    Equipment (board types, materials and accessories)
    Getting to know the risks (safety aspects)
    How to avoid risks (fall techniques)
    Recognizing your most comfortable position
    Basic techniques to ride waves

2. Practice (50 minutes in the water):
    How to fall
    Basic positions for stability
    Basic techniques
    Intermediate techniques
    Advanced techniques

(All aspects mentioned above shall be demonstrated by the instructor).