Flowtour 2011


Last weekend, despite the cold and rain surprisingly, the four riders who will go to represent us in the IFC World Championships in Durban (South Africa) the first week of October were defined. After two days of long and tight competitions, the crowd learned how to accompany with enthusiastic applauses, the finalists and winners were already known among all riders. They are the best, there´s no doubt about that. Nicole Buraschi representing the women, after winning a disputed final against Isidora Ureta, will share this journey with Claudio Calderon bodyboard champion, Juan Pablo Campos, the most experienced rider in Wavehouse Santiago, was able to deliver his best in this tournament and earn a place with Team Chile and the one who has great chances of taking a place on the podium, Patricio Polanco, who delighted the audience with his incredibles Strapped and Strapless maneuvers.


Flow Tour 2011 camino a Durban from Volar producciones on Vimeo.

Congratulations to the rest of the winners in other categories and thanks to everyone who made it possible to have a new date of the Flowtour

Body Amateur
1. Juan Atala
2. Nicolas Campos
3. Santiago Iglesis
4. Eduardo Boisset

Body Jr
Santiago Iglesis

Stand Up Jr
Facundo Fredes

Sirenas Strapped
1. Nicole Buraschi
2. Isidora Ureta
3. Sofia Cuadra
4. Maialen Zabala

Sirenas Strapless
1. Isidora Ureta
2. Nicole Buraschi
3. Sofia Cuadra
4. Maialen Zabala

Stand up Amateur
1. Eduardo Boisset
2. Sebastian Gutierrez
3. Cesar Vallejos
4. Daniel Ruiz-Tagle

Master Senior
1. Daniel Solari
2. Ivan Negrete
3. Cesar Vallejos
4. Diego Garcia

Pro Body
1. Claudio Calderon
2. Diego Fuentes
3. Felipe Soler
4. Felipe Tello

Pro Strapless
1. Patricio Polanco
2. Juan Pablo Campos
3. Marcelo Vasquez
4. Patricio Mora

Pro Strapped

1. Patricio Polanco
2. Juan Pablo Campos
3. Marcelo Vasquez
4. Diego Arestizabal