Santa Pizza

Santa Pizza is a Chilean restaurant with 3 locations, known for its fusion of the best traditional and modern Italian cooking, and particularly for its delicious pizzas and gourmet antipasti.

The first Santa Pizza opened its doors in 2001 at Santo Domingo beach, about an hour’s drive from Santiago. Santo Domingo is an exclusive beach area with high-quality waves and a private yet expansive beach. This peaceful, family-oriented place is very attractive to surfers and other sports fans.

Santa Pizza - Santo Domingo quickly became one of the most recognized restaurants in the central seaboard, particularly among surfers who traveled to the zone for the day or the weekend to practice their favorite sport. Each time they returned to Santiago, those visitors missed the gourmet pizza of Santa Pizza.  And so, in 2006 the company decided to open its first branch in the Boulevard of Parque Arauco mall, duplicating the original culinary quality, but adding a more urban touch, in keeping with life in Santiago.

Santa Pizza Santo Domingo and Santa Pizza Parque Arauco quickly confirmed the excellent reputation of its recipes. Then, in April 2008 the third restaurant was opened at Mall Sport, extending the reach of its quality Italian cuisine to an even broader demographic.