Past Events

2011 FLOW Championships

This year's FLOW Championships will be held October 5th - October 9th and will draw the world's best flowriders from the US, Chile, Singapore, Dubai, UK and various other countries. This event will mark the 3rd annual FLOW Championships and the first time the FLOW Championships, the most prestigious and challenging competition in the sport, will be held somewhere besides Wave House Sentosa Singapore.

Winter Season

This winter we are all set for you to enjoy our FlowBarrel, we got new wetsuits for cold weather, new boards, running hot tub and the best instructors, always happy and willing to help you. Come from Monday through Sunday, between 10 am and 9 pm with your friends or with whoever you want.
If it is your first time, you must take a lesson, the value is $20.000.- pesos per person. We have discounts and special benefits if you want to come more than once.

We will be looking forward for your visit!