Wave House

The history of Wave House goes back to California. Creating an endless stream of artificial waves started out as a mere dream of Tom Lochtefeld (owner, creator and life long surfer). Tom grew up in La Jolla, California, earned a degree in Law from the University of San Diego and began his career as an attorney and real estate agent. His work as consultant to the construction of water parks like Raging Waters in San Dimas (California), led him to pursue his dream of creating a perfect artificial wave that would take up a relatively small space and offer the great thrills and challenges of a real ocean wave.

Tom’s fantasy began to come to fruition in 1990, when he built his first artificial waves – initially in Texas and later in Bo, Norway. Lochtefeld relied on the real sports and engineering genius of people like Cark Ekstrom, Tom Morey, Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater and Terje Haaksonsen, in his pursuit to develop the most advanced technologies for the practice of surf and other disciplines on an artificial wave.

While the engineers were creating better waves, the riders and surfers came up with the best boards to ride them. The dream quickly became a reality. Now anyone can surf the endless wave without restriction.

The waves at Wave House were designed to replicate the sensation of surfing in a controlled environment, always having the users’ safety in mind. The waves attract sports fans and aficionados of all ages and proficiency levels. Even people who have never ridden a board or a wave can practice either lying down or kneeling on a body board or standing up on a flowboard as they simultaneously conquer their fears and the wave itself.

Since then, Wave House has developed around the world. It maintains its home base in San Diego, California, and has venues in Durban (South Africa) and Sentosa (Singapore) as well.

In Santiago, Wave House formed a strategic alliance with Santa Pizza. Their mission is clear: to invite, motivate and promote a relaxed lifestyle that stimulates the senses, thereby creating the perfect platform to enjoy a beach milieu, complete with sports, entertainment, and delicious food and drinks.